Pork Chops You’ll Want to Eat

People always say to me, “TO, I know you like pork chops, but I just can’t eat them. They’re so dry!”

Because of fears of trichinosis, a lot of us grew up eating pork chops cooked beyond the point when anything should be eaten. One remedy for this problem is a meat thermometer; of course, you have to keep opening the oven to check the temperature of your chops, which is rather tedious, and you might have something else to do.

The other solution is a marinade. Here is a simple one that will keep your pork chops tender and delicious:

Whisk together equal parts apple cider vinegar and olive oil in a bowl. I like to use Mrs. Bragg’s vinegar and Newman’s Own Organics oil. Whisk in onion powder–not too much. I usually give the container three good shakes for two pork chops.

Put your chops in a Pyrex dish. A loaf pan nicely fits two small chops. Pour the marinade over the chops–make sure it covers them completely–and cover the dish with foil. Refrigerate for at least six hours.

Cook the chops at 350 degrees with the foil still on the dish. For chops that are one inch thick, I cook them two hours, until the marinade has completely cooked away (for the cut I usually buy, this takes two hours). Verify that the chops have reached 170 degrees, and then stand back while your family enjoys them!

A side note: Many of us are the cook in the family because we enjoy it. Others, however, are the main (or sole) preparer of meals because their spouses claim kitchen incompetence. This meal is incompetence-proof. Simply fill a 9×9-inch Pyrex dish with apples cut into chunks, cover with a liberal sprinkling of cinnamon, and bake in the same oven as the chops for the last hour of cooking. You have a lovely meal that even the non-cookers out there can prepare.