…and on Friday, God Created Leftovers

Tomorrow, the adults in my household will be observing a fast, so we’ll be “eating only one full meal, and, if necessary, two much smaller meals.” I think that means leftover salad and a hard-boiled egg.

Children and the elderly are exempt from fasts, so it’s good that we have leftovers of the non-salad type for the under-five member of the family: a burger, a pork cutlet, and the tomatoes and the carrots from the beef stew.

On Saturday, I’ll be making these amazing cupcakes for my mom’s birthday, although I’ll probably modify the icing to be a chocolate cream cheese concoction. I’ll try to post a new recipe in the next few days. While you wait, you might check your local library for this gem. Some recipes require a lot of time and a nicer kitchen than I have, but many are completely doable by the average home cook. I recommend Rob’s coleslaw.