Curry Chicken

This is so quick that you won’t believe how tasty it is.

Melt five tablespoons of Simply Ghee in a skillet. (Keep the ghee out on the counter in case you need to add more later.) Keep the stovetop heat on low.

Mix 1/8 cup of curry powder with two tablespoons of salt in a small bowl. With a very sharp knife (and the requisite amount of caution and skill), slice one pound of chicken breast into small pieces, each about twice what you would consider bite-sized. Roll each chicken piece in the curry-and-salt mixture until it is completely coated, then place it in the skillet. Cook the chicken until all the pieces are completely cooked; be careful not to overcook them or burn them. Feel free to add ghee to the skillet, as needed. Serve with maple syrup for dipping and a side dish or fruit.