Gluten-Free Polish Recipe

I recently had a request for gluten-free Polish recipes. My best advice is to look for the recipes that don’t involve much dough, because gluten-free flour can present a challenge for many traditional recipes. (Expert gluten-free bakers may disagree with me–I know people who have a lot of success with Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free bread flour. I’m just letting you know what I have found difficult.)

There are lots of great Polish recipes that involve mainly meat and potatoes, which are both gluten-free. However, it is possible to substitute gluten-free noodles (my favorite ones come from Ancient Harvest, and contain only organic quinoa and organic corn) for the noodle component of a traditional Polish recipe. This recipe for halushki (cabbage and noodles) is not mine, but I am going to try it with Ancient Harvest noodles and let you know how it works out. The link is here.