My New Oven Is Here!!

Oh, yes, it is. I couldn’t be happier with the job the delivery guys did. They were polite, quick, and left my kitchen looking as clean as it was before they arrived–which was right on schedule, by the way, about an hour into the delivery window.

So how did I celebrate? I made Rob’s famous coleslaw using the stovetop while baking ham steaks in the oven (90 minutes, uncovered, at 350 degrees; flip the steaks after 45 minutes). Amazing. Delightful. No more fried sausages–until I feel like frying them, that is 😉


Appliance 411

What do you do when this happens (see under “Gas Smell and/or Mini-Explosions in the Oven”)? Well, you thank God that your stovetop still works.

Tonight, I’ll be frying cubed ham steaks in a smidgen of sesame oil and boiling potatoes to mash with butter. If I have time, I might steam some broccoli. Who needs an oven?

A Twist on the Traditional Easter Ham

Some people like slices of ham, with vegetables on the side. If you’re looking to shake things up a bit, or to stretch a ham with the use of vegetables in a casserole, or if you need to have your vegetables mixed with meat and cheese in order for a small person to eat them, this recipe is for you.

Grease a 9×12-inch Pyrex dish with butter or olive oil spray. Fill the dish with: 2 pounds of ham, cut into 1-inch cubes, 1 pound of potatoes, cut into 1-inch cubes, and 1 pound of this amazing cheese. Make sure the three ingredients are mixed together evenly. Bake for 90 minutes at 350 degrees. Use a meat thermometer to verify that the ham is completely cooked before serving. Some people like a little salt and pepper on this dish, but I’m happy to eat it plain.