A Party Isn’t a Party Unless There’s a Goat

Many years ago, during my first year at college, my roommate was a girl from Kenya. One afternoon, when we were talking about family celebrations, she remarked, “A party isn’t a party unless there’s a goat.” As it turns out, truer words were never spoken. Without further ado, my recipe for goat meatballs, fit for any party:

With your hands, mix one pound of ground goat, one cup of Orgran rice crumbs, two tablespoons of all-purpose seasoning, one teaspoon of sea salt, and 1/2 cup of ketchup. Form the mixture into one-inch balls, and place the meatballs in a Pyrex dish. Make sure you leave plenty of room between the meatballs, because after you cook them for 60 minutes at 350 degrees (uncovered), you’re going to turn them over with a fork and cover them with a maple-sugar-and-ketchup sauce, and then cook them (still uncovered) for another 30 to 45 minutes. Enjoy!

The Perfect Grass-Fed Burger

This is more of a cooking tip than a recipe.

Many of us are used to the corn- and soy-fed meat that’s so easy to find in grocery stores, and when we switch to a more healthful type of red meat, such as the grass-fed ground beef I get from Pure Sprouts (or order online from La Cense), we have to take extra care to ensure that we cook these delightful burgers properly.

Take 1 pound of ground beef, fully thawed in the refrigerator. Form it into four or five patties. Place the patties in a skillet, drizzle them with olive oil (ensuring that some olive oil goes beneath the patties as well), and sprinkle them with salt. Cook over low heat until things start to sizzle, then flip the patties, reduce the heat to very low, and cover the skillet. Half an hour of cooking will give you well-done burgers; reduce the cooking time for other levels of done-ness (at your own risk! ). Et voila! I prefer them without a bun, but I am feeling tempted to try them on one of these with a bit of Brie.