Quick Hot Cabbage

Do you have a head of red cabbage sitting around in your refrigerator? Try this quick side dish with eggs or any pork product.

Melt three tablespoons of butter in a skillet. Shake in a hearty shake of garlic powder and cook for about a minute over medium heat. Slice the cabbage into coleslaw-thin slices and add them to the skillet, along with a cup of apple cider vinegar and half a package of Made in Nature Organic Antioxidant Fusion Blend. Stir it all together, cover the skillet, and let it cook for about ten minutes. Feel free to season the mixture with salt and pepper — my family likes it without them — and serve it with sausage, pork chops, or poached eggs. Nutritious and delicious!

Vaguely Asian Salad

I can’t claim to have any authentic Asian cuisine at my house, but I do like cabbage and scallions. Here is a quick salad featuring both.

Peel and dice six large carrots and put them in a bowl. Add a rinsed and shredded red cabbage, six diced scallions, one large head of watercress greens (cut into one-inch lengths), and a bunch of cilantro (cut even smaller).

Mix the dressing: one jar of Delouis mayo (imported from France, available on Amazon; expensive, but totally worth it, and SOY-FREE!!), one tablespoon of lime juice, one tablespoon of superfine sugar(you might have it around for making drinks), a shake of dried garlic, a shake of salt, a big shake of cayenne pepper, and a bit of olive oil to make it more runny. Use a whisk until it’s at the proper consistency, and serve it on the side of your awesome salad.